Empowering multilateral, multidisciplinary learning initiatives 


Learning synergy transcending borders and sectors 

Dr. Tareq Omairi is a champion of multilateral, multidisciplinary learning and Development initiatives. Combining the experience of working in the scientific, humanitarian, and international relations sectors, to lead synergetic training initiatives where multifaceted collaboration is key.


An award-winning manager of Leadership training programs, A certified Project Manager (PMP), and a Fellow of the British Higher Education Academy (FHEA). Dr. Omairi has over 15 years of experience in the design and implementation of learning and development projects in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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Merging the experience of Diplomatic, Humanitarian, and Scientific minds

A space scientist, a university lecturer, a forensic DNA specialist, Teacher, Diplomat, and Learning & Excellence Officer - Those are some of the roles Dr. Omairi has taken over a 15-year career leading to an in-depth understanding of the learning needs of experts and institutions, in a way that transcend nations, sectors, and disciplines. 

Dr. Omairi works with governments, universities, NGOs and international organizations to design and implement innovative learning initiatives, which fulfill the needs of the scientific, diplomatic, and Academic beneficiaries, strengthening collaboration and dialogue between actors coming from different backgrounds and interests, thorough a learning methodology entrenched in a human-centered design process. 


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Dr. Tareq Omairi